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HEIDI'S PICK SIX - Wanda C. Keesey

Lost in the Mist by W. C. Keesey HEIDI'S PICK SIX 1. Which of your characters is your favorite? That's like asking which of your children do you like best--but because I don't have any children, I don't have a problem answering the question. I like all of my characters, but I have the most fun writing the bad guys. Some of my short stories only have bad guys. In my first novel, Lost in the Mist , there aren't any really bad people, only one misguided man and he's not really bad, but then there's that war thing going on. 2. Tell me about your travels. 3. Coffee, tea, or milk? 4. What else can you do besides write? I cook a good meal now and then; bake from scratch, or a mix, crochet but I don't take the time anymore, pet a lap cat while trying to set up a new page on my website, or work a crossword puzzle or SuDoKu, drive my Jeep Wrangler just for the heck of it, go to car shows (hubby has a turquoise Corvette he likes to show) and toy train mee

April Newsletter for Heidi Ruby Miller

My April newsletter is finally finished, a few days late. I've reformatted it and given it a new name Field Notes . Here's an excerpt from the introductory letter for April's issue titled Pride of Place: Loving Where You Live : Field Notes allows me to express the many facets of my life rather than limiting me to speculative fiction. The concept comes from my undergrad days studying anthropology and geography, as well as my love for traveling and adventure. Each issue will revolve around a central theme, while still sharing news of my latest releases, appearances, and projects-in-progress. I'll also feature writerly friends and keep you up-to-date on my latest author interviews. In this issue I look at Southwestern Pennsylvania as my home and playground. The natural beauty rivals only the historic and cultural richness of the area. From the mansions of Uniontown's millionaire coal baron days to Ohiopyle State Park's whitewater rapids and hiking trails, I co