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HEIDI'S PICK SIX - Elizabeth Zelvin

Elizabeth Zelvin HEIDI'S PICK SIX 1. Which of your characters is your favorite? I'd have to pick Bruce , the protagonist of Death Will Get You Sober . He's smart, funny, sexy, and once recovery starts peeling away the alcoholic b.s., he's got a heart. That said, I admit I'm also fond of Barbara , the world's most codependent addictions counselor. 2. Tell me about your travels. Am I allowed to show off? If so, I'll start with Timbuctoo, which I visited while I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa. Timbuctoo's in Mali, and during my two years there I visited or at least touched down in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, and Tunisia. And when I went back to visit friends in Africa twenty years later, we took the train to Burkina Faso as far as Bobodioulasso, which has one of the best names of any city in the world. The train goes on to Ouagadougou, another great name, but we didn't have time. In Europe, I've been to France and En


Hot Scots, Castles, and Kilts by Tammy Swoish Hot Scots, Castles, and Kilts is the first novel I have published. I began writing shortly after I graduated from college. I'd always loved writing and figured while I was waiting for an English teaching job to open, I'd make some quick money and write a novel. I had an English degree. I'd studied the best. How hard could it be? Approximately ten years later, a full-time job which pays the bills, and three manuscripts stored in the attic, I have my answer. Writing is hard work. It took me writing in two genres (adventure and romance) before I found my voice in young adult fiction. Voice . . . now that's an illusive foe to conquer. Hot Scots began during my time in Seton Hill's Writing Popular Fiction program. When I finished the program, the story, with the help of an editor, continued to improve and change into the novel it is today. Here's the blurb from the back of the book: Little does 16-year-

From The Authors Guild: Amazon Tightens Grip on Long Tail

I got this message over the weekend in my email from The Authors Guild : Last week Amazon announced that it would be requiring that all books that it sells that are produced through on-demand means be printed by BookSurge , their in-house on-demand printer/publisher. Amazon pitched this as a customer service matter, a means for more speedily delivering print-on-demand books and allowing for the bundling of shipments with other items purchased at the same time from Amazon . It also put a bit of an environmental spin on the move -- claiming less transportation fuel is used (this is unlikely, but that's another story) when all items are shipped directly from Amazon . We, and many others, think something else is afoot. Ingram Industries' Lightning Source is currently the dominant printer for on-demand titles, and they appear to be quite efficient at their task. They ship on-demand titles shortly after they are ordered through Amazon directly to the customer. It's a nice


Seven for a Secret by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer Some years ago a friend of mine whose husband worked for an oil company was living in the middle east. At a social gathering attended by other British expats, she met a lady who worked for the BBC Overseas Service , who mentioned they didn't get many submissions for their short story broadcasts. Hearing this and having contributed to science fiction fanzines as well as professional non fiction mags, I thought, hmmm...and so was written "Aunt Ba's Story" . It had a double nativity, being partly inspired by a dream and partly by a favourite Pre-Raphaelite painting, Home From Sea . "Aunt Ba's Story" is difficult to categorise, but would perhaps best fit the fantasy/mystery slot, since it deals with Death , who has grey eyes -- and when you see him a third time, you're about to sail away with him. Lo and behold it was chosen! It was my first fiction sale and was memorable not only for that reason but a


A Carrion Death by Michael Stanley Michael Stanley is the nom de plume that my friend Michael Sears and I ( Stan Trollip ) use for A Carrion Death , our first novel. It was at the lion research center in the Savuti, an ancient dried-up lake in Botswana’s Chobe National Park, that we realized how to conceal a perfect murder. One evening we watched hyenas team up to drive lions off their fresh kills, then devour everything in sight, bones and all. By the next morning, no evidence remained of the carcass Michael drafted the opening scene of A Carrion Death within a week after I broached the possibility of collaboration. Both natives of Africa, we have traveled regularly together to Botswana and Zimbabwe over the past twenty years to photograph wildlife and go bird watching. Our book reflects the authentic Africa of the 21st century: not merely the politically unstable, desperately poor Africa of the nightly news, but also the emotional conflicts of people with one foot in traditi


Death of a Bawdy Belle by M. E. Kemp Persistence and the willingness to try something new paid off for me. I tried the traditional and slooow method of sending my first book out to editors and agents. This brought encouragement but no offers, even though I had a well earned nonfiction bio. When I heard about publish on demand I embraced the idea. My first book, Murder, Mather and Mayhem , was a "pod" book -- I made sure the product looked good, and I paid to have the cover art done -- and I really believe that having that book in my hand at a mystery conference brought me to the attention of a small but aggressive publisher. Hilliard and Harris asked to see my next book; they took Death of a Dutch Uncle and will put out my new book, Death of a Bawdy Belle : There's an extra witch hanging on the Salem gallows and two nosy Puritans must find out who the mysterious beauty is and who strung her up! Hetty Henry , wealthy widow with connections, and Increase "Cr

Seton Hill Stoker Winners

Congratulations to Seton Hill Writers Mike Arnzen and Gary Braunbeck who won Bram Stoker Awards this past weekend in the following categories: Michael A. Arnzen - Fiction Collection for Proverbs for Monsters (tied with Peter Straub) Gary A. Braunbeck - Long Fiction for "Afterward There Will Be a Hallway" and -Anthology for Five Strokes to Midnight with co-editor Hank Schwaeble Bram Stoker Awards , Heidi Ruby Miller , Horror Writers Association , Michael A. Arnzen , Gary Braunbeck , horror , writing , author interviews , Seton Hill Writers