Thursday, December 21, 2006

Writers and Readers

#1: Interesting article and discussion about men writing romance at stardust1110's LJ. This is timely because one of the writers competing against Kim Howe's ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS in the AT III Contest is a man.

#2: R. A. Lovett has three stories (one fiction, one fact, one on writing) in the upcoming January/February issue of Analog.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Odyssey 2007 Press Release


About Odyssey
Since its inception in 1996, Odyssey has earned a place as one of the most
respected workshops in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing
community. Forty-six percent of Odyssey graduates go on to professional
publication. The program is held every summer on Saint Anselm College's
beautiful campus in Manchester, NH. The six-week workshop combines an
intensive learning and writing experience with in-depth feedback on student
manuscripts. Top authors, editors, and agents have served as guest
lecturers, including George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison, Jane Yolen, Terry
Brooks, Robert J. Sawyer, Ben Bova, Ellen Datlow, Elizabeth Hand, Jeff
VanderMeer, Donald Maass, Sheila Williams, Shawna McCarthy, and Dan Simmons.

Jeanne Cavelos, Odyssey's director, founder, and primary instructor, is a
best-selling author and a former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell
Publishing, where she won a World Fantasy Award for her work. Being a
writer/editor makes Cavelos uniquely suited to provide students with
constructive and professional critiques of their work. She guides students
through the six weeks, gaining in-depth knowledge of their work, providing
detailed assessments of their strengths and weaknesses, and helping them
target their weaknesses one by one. "I give the same unflinchingly honest,
concrete, detailed feedback to students that I provided to professional
authors," Cavelos said. "Along with that, Odyssey offers an advanced,
comprehensive curriculum through in-depth lectures, providing the tools and
techniques students need to improve. Receiving feedback on your work and
learning your weaknesses doesn't help unless you also have the tools to
strengthen those areas. I'm constantly told by graduates that they learned
more at Odyssey than they learned in years of workshopping and creative
writing classes."

The workshop runs from June 11th to July 20th, 2007. Class meets for four
hours in the morning, five days a week. Students spend about eight hours
more each day writing and critiquing each other's work. Prospective
students, aged eighteen and up, apply from all over the world. The
application deadline is APRIL 13th.

Meet Our 2007 Writer-in-Residence
This year, Odyssey is delighted to host Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Over the past
twenty-four years, she has sold novels, juvenile and media tie-in books,
short story collections, and more than 200 short stories. Her works have
been finalists for the Nebula, World Fantasy, Sturgeon, and Endeavour
awards. Her novel The Thread That Binds the Bones (Avon) won a Bram Stoker
Award for first novel. Her other long works include The Silent Strength of
Stones from Avon, A Red Heart of Memories, Past the Size of Dreaming, A
Fistful of Sky from Ace, and A Stir of Bones (young adult fantasy) from

Other Guest Lectures
The Odyssey Writing Workshop is also pleased to welcome its 2007 guest
lecturers: Michael A. Burstein, Rodman Philbrick, Michael A. Arnzen,
Elizabeth Hand, John Clute, and George Scithers. Lecturers share their
insights both in class discussion and through group and individual
manuscript critiques.

Odyssey Graduates
If you're reading science fiction, fantasy, and horror, you're reading the
work of Odyssey graduates. If you've read recent issues of some of the top
fiction magazines in the field--Realms of Fantasy, Asimov's, Analog, Weird
Tales--you've read stories by Odyssey graduates David Barr Kirtley, Carrie
Vaughn, Sarah Totton, Carl Frederick, and Natalia Lincoln.

If you read the latest Writers of the Future anthology, you read stories by
Odyssey grads Brian Rappatta, Sarah Totton, and Michail Velichansky.

If you've been to the bookstore lately, you've seen books by Odyssey
graduates, including Bloodstone by Barbara Campbell, published by DAW; The
Eunuch's Heir by Elaine Isaak, published by the Eos imprint of
HarperCollins; and Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn, published by

Lane Robins, graduate of the class of '99, will have her first novel,
Maledicte, published by Del Rey this May. She said, "I still consider
attending Odyssey the best step taken in my writing career. Odyssey taught
me I was writing instinctively instead of thoughtfully: I never stopped to
ask why I was putting this scene here, why this character cared, or even
what the ultimate point of my story was. . . . Odyssey taught me about
story structure, about asking myself questions, and about understanding the
reader's expectations as well as my own."

Our Location
Saint Anselm is one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country,
dedicated to excellence in education, and its campus provides a unique,
lovely setting and state-of-the art facilities for Odyssey students.

Other Odyssey Resources and Services
The Odyssey website www.odysseyworkshop .org offers writing and publishing
tips, a class syllabus, and articles by graduates about their Odyssey
experiences. Information about the new Odyssey Critique Service is also
available on the website. This service provides authors with
professional- level feedback on their writing, done with the thoroughness and
depth for which Odyssey is known.

Those interested in applying to the workshop should visit the website,
phone/fax (603) 673-6234, or e-mail jcavelos@sff. net.

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More Writing News

#1: Seton Hill writer Dana Marton's latest from Harlequin Intrigue, Undercover Sheik, is on shelves now.

#2: The Magazine GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) is now on LJ at gud_staffblog and shipping its first issue.

#3: Deborah Kolodji's poetry is up at Sketchbook.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Writing News

#1: Nalo Hopkinson's latest novel New Moon's Arms will be released in February. She will be touring in the US this spring.

#2: Tobias Buckell has the results of his survey: How many novels did you write before selling one?

#3: Gary Braunbeck's short story We Now Pause For Station Identificationhas been optioned by the producers of Prison Break. They're intending to make a short film about it for the festival circuit.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Author News

#1: Kimberley Howe launched a new website today. She's made it into the next round of the American Title III Contest over at Romantic Times. To vote for her story, e-mail: with ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS in the subject line. Voting for this month ends on December 31, 2006.

#2: Infuze Magazine has a nice review of Thou Shalt Not, a horror anthology edited by Lee Allen Howard at Dark Cloud Press.

#3: The 2005 RITA award-winning book Grounds to Believe by Shelley Bates is being reisuued in mass market paperback in February.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

REI Has MOON Pennsylvania Camping

Jason and I made a stop at the REI in the Southside Works in Pittsburgh, PA, today to finish up some shopping and there were four copies of MOON Pennsylvania Camping on the shelf. The manager had been trying to get these copies since May when Avalon first put the guide out, but had some difficulties with their (REI's) corporate office.

We signed all their copies, met Ron Rodriguez, the store manager, and Peter Greninger, the outreach specialist, and discussed doing two clinics at the store during 2007. The first will be this spring and be devoted to family camping. The one in the fall will be about travel writing.

Then J left so I could get his present and on the way out I had the gift wrapped by the wonderful volunteers from the Regional Environmental Education Center in Boyce Mayview Park.

As a related aside, we stopped by the Barnes and Noble in Monroeville and found to our delight that they had sold eleven signed copies of our book since May. For a niche market guide, we were pretty happy.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Greensburg Magazine

Greensburg Magazine editor Moira Richardson sent out the following call for submissions a while back, but I only came across it recently, so the deadline is coming up soon.

Calling All Writers / Artists
Greensburg,PA-based magazine now seeking submissions with a local* flavor:

Non-fiction pieces up to 1,000 words on topics such as:
Bicycling, Dumpster Diving, Recycling, Local Politics, Current Events, Arts & Entertainment, Healthy Lifestyles, & so much more!

Interviews with Greensburg natives and local* celebrities.

Some flash fiction and poetry; ideally, Greensburg will figure prominently in the work.

Black & white photography, drawings, and comic strips**.

Send queries / completed articles / art submissions to:

The deadline for the first issue is DECEMBER 12th.

You will not be paid for your contribution, but you will receive 2 contributor copies, with the opportunity to buy more issues at cost. This magazine will be distributed for free throughout Greensburg, and, we hope, fill the gap left by other local publications.

We will reply to every submission within one month, usually with comments.

* NOTE FOR NON-LOCALS: While local pieces are given preference, we'd love to read any great article that touches on the issues listed or above or similiar subjects that you'd like to send in. Query first, if you are unsure, or send the full text article in the body of the email or as *.rtf file. We are a collective of open-minded, intelligent people and we'd love to hear what you have to say about the state of YOUR world!

** We don't have any comic strips at all, so if you send in one, you have a darn good chance of being accepted.

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Nalo Hopkinson: Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold...

Nalo Hopkinson: Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold...

This is a great list to print out and consult during revisions.

New Reviews

Publisher's Weekly has a review of Year's Best Fantasy 6, which includes a nice nod to Anne Harris' short story 'Still Life with Boobs.'

Velcro City has a review of Electric Velocipede #11 which includes the story 'The Duel' by Toby Buckell.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taos Toolbox Workshop

From Traci Castleberry:

Taos Toolbox SF/F novel workshop
Looking for a writing getaway next summer? Authors Walter Jon Williams and Hugo award-winning Connie Willis are co-teaching an SF/F workshop focusing on novels July 8-21 in Taos, NM, with special guest lecturer George R.R. Martin. Format is Milford style, a la Clarion and Odyssey, and geared toward advanced writers. Cost overall is $2400, which includes almost all meals and snazzy rooms at the Snow Bear Inn.

More info and applications available at the Taos Toolbox site.

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Pennsyvania Mercury Rule Passes!

I received the following from the National Wildlife Federation list serve:

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Pennsylvania won a great victory for wildlife and public health. The state's Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) voted 3-2 in favor of the strong mercury rule developed by Gov. Ed Rendell and the Department of Environmental Protection.

The rule requires all coal-fired power plants in Pennsylvania to cut mercury emissions 90 percent by 2015.

Pennsylvanians played a key role in making this happen--more than 99 percent of the record-breaking 11,000 public comments submitted were in support of the DEP's plan.

Thanks so much for your help!
Catherine Bowes
Mercury Program Manager
National Wildlife Federation

This rule is extremey important to the area where I live, considering there are currently three of these plants, with two more in the works, between Morgantown, WV, and Masontown, PA, an area of 20 miles. Studies already show that these plants contribute heavily to Greene County, PA, having one of the highest rates of cancer in the country.

For more information, send an e-mail to

If you would like to show Governor Rendell that you support the Pennsylvania Mercury Rule, call 717-787-2500 and thank him. I am.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Exquisite Corpse Screening

Jason Jack Miller and I attended Mike Arnzen's screening of Exquisite Corpse on November 9. Ten directors from around the world made eleven short films based on his work in 100 Jolts.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Michael A. Arnzen Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

We first had dinner at Primanti's with Timons Esaias, Al Wendland, Moira Richardson, and Mike Brendan.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Timons Esaias Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

Then it was off to Seton Hill where we met up with Pat Picciarelli, Becca Baker, Bruce Siskawicz, and Karen Herc.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Patrick Picciarelli and Jason Jack Miller Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Karen Herc and Becca Baker Photo By Heidi Ruby Miller

Here's Arnzen casually drinking his coffee before it all got underway.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Michael A. Arnzen Photo by Jason Jack Miller

And, here's Bruce's reaction to Mike's latest book LICKER.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Bruce Siskawicz and Heidi Ruby Miller Photo by Jason Jack Miller

Unfortunately we missed the second Greensburg screening on November 25, but he's hoping to show it at residency in January.

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