Friday, December 30, 2005



I'm still working on Ambasadora and have been making great progress, especially with Rainer's character. I go through stages where I favor one character over another. Right now it's a dark haired Contractor who's just really self-centered and conceited. You know, the dangerous type women always fall for.

Also, I've been working on a gaming essay. It's either an inspiration for, or in response to, my XBOX Live renewal. I switched tags so I'm starting from level one again. I was reminded of this when out of 16 players in a Big Team Battle, my voice was the lowest in pitch.

This has proven more entertaining than frustrating. Granted, my team has only won 2 of the 5 most recent games, but the chatter is priceless. These kids are hilarious. I did have one guy raise my ire enough to let slip a couple of foul words, but he was a good sport and didn't report me, so no harm done. :)

And, I can't forget Quarry. I've been taking copious notes and am quite excited about this new project. So far, I like Adelaide a little better than Ceriwen.

Oh, I still haven't finished that proposal for the Virginia guidebook yet either. Lots to do before residency.

See most of you really soon!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sydney Bristow as a Feminine Hero

I've tried to pattern my own female protagonist a little after Sydney Bristow from Alias because she's one of the few female heroes who has a vulnerable, feminine side and makes no apologies for showing it. (Part of this goes back to a discussion Diana Botsford, Christopher Paul Carey, and I had on the SHU boards this past semester.)

She knows she is just as beautiful in sweats with a ponytail as she is in evening wear and full make-up. She can kick ass better than most men but still cry without shame when she's hurt emotionally. And, she can be deceptive yet still loyal to friends and family.

The biggest flaw I see in Sydney and in many of my own characters? She's no fun. Is that how a hero has to be?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Author: Robert Tinnell


While at the Morgantown Barnes 'n Noble the other night, I met Robert Tinnell, a writer of graphic novels. He was promoting his new book Feast of the Seven Fishes which was a collaboration with artists Ed Piskor and Alex Saviuk.

I told him about the module I was taking at SHU in January with Barry Lyga, which started a conversation about the future of graphic novels and how the WPF program at Seton Hill was taking a progressive step by exploring writing for media other than novels.

He had several of his books for sale, and I ended up with Feast, plus The Living and the Dead and The Black Forest. The last two are pretty dark, but well done.

Saturday, December 17, 2005



NO.6 : the red, yellow, and blue flags that greet you at the doorway
NO.5 : the assembly instructions that use pictures instead of words
NO.4 : the room displays that are way cooler than anything you have in your own house
NO.3 : ligonberry juice
NO.2 : watching yuppies trying to load their Saabs with Magicker lights and Amorf rugs
NO.1 : half dozen of cinnamon rolls for $4

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

PHOTOS: Tom and Heidi Ruby


Inspired by a call from my brother this morning...

Image hosted by
Tom and I on a fake Presidential Seal at some museum (Tom picked out that visor himself and wore it everywhere until it got smashed one day.)

Image hosted by
Riding a dinosaur at some roadside dive

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Getting autographs from Minnie Mouse

Image hosted by
Me, Tom, and Julie, his girlfriend, at Disney World this past summer

Sunday, December 04, 2005

CELEBRATION: MOON Pennsylvania Camping Is Finished



NO. 1 : Play HALF LIFE 2
NO. 2 : Decorate for THE HOLIDAYS
NO. 3 : Finish RUSS HOWE'S story
NO. 5 : Finish MY novel

I've been staying up most every night for a week, so of course last night I couldn't sleep either. But that turned out to be a good thing as I had lots of ideas to jot down. I have an idea for a short story that was influenced by all those Borderlands stories I read. Very weird shit. My track record isn't so good with short stories so we'll see how this goes.

Also, I had thoughts of poetry last night. Yeah, I know, I'm about as much of a poet as Aeryn Sun. (Only Farscape fans will get that one.) But, I've recently been inspired. The first poem is about dinosaurs and the second is about tree ferns.

Then I had an awesome promotional idea for the guidebook. The publicist dug most of the stuff I sent her so far and I think this is just as good, unique even.

Finally, I was going through the Word-A-Day e-mails that J always forwards to me and found four great words redivivus which is perfect for my new short story, lambent, maelstrom, and crepuscular which I'm working into some recent novel chapters. It's interesting because I often already know the definitions of the words, not redivivus, though, but just forget they're out there until I see them one at a time in those e-mails. Then one will resonate, and I'm like, "That's exactly the word I need for this part."