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ACHIEVEMENT: 2000 words a day

ACHIEVEMENTS I've tried everyday since September 18 to reach that 2000 word a day mark and have failed miserably. The closest I've ever gotten was around 1500 words, once. I pass the 1000 word mark, no problem. Then something happens between 1000 and 2000 words. I'm hypothesizing that a forcefield goes up in my brain and allows only distractions to enter, like LJ, the SHU boards, e-mails, hunger, sleepiness. So, what I need is a deflector, something that shields me from the distractions and allows me to write the second 1000 words with the same vigor as the first 1000. When I get a patent on this deflector, I'll send one to each of you. Word is Robert Sawyer can write 2000 words a day, so I'm thinking he's keeping that deflector design well-hidden. ;) You better believe you're going to hear about it the first time I hit 2000! I'm working up to it. It's now become a challenge. And I can't back down from a challenge.

Group: Seton Hill WPF Critique Group Fall 2005

GROUPS After our three hour chat last night I was inspired to post this pic of my critique group from Seton Hill University. Heidi Ruby Miller, Christopher Paul Carey, Mary SanGiovanni, and Rachael Pruitt