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BOOK: All Saints by Jason Jack Miller

BOOKS ALL SAINTS by JASON JACK MILLER In some dark corners of Mexico, All Saints’ Day isn’t merely a time to remember the dead. It’s an invitation to commune. When a woman cursed with immortality and a man haunted by a bloody war stumble headlong into this strange mélange of mysticism and cosmology, they learn that a return home may entail more than a voyage of mere miles. It will require them to traverse space and time. A groundbreaking work as tenacious as a hurricane and as radiant as Van Gogh’s STARRY NIGHT, this contemporary myth amplifies the conventions of genre and literary fiction to take us on a journey in a way that only a book can, and reminds us that even in darkness there is light. WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT ALL SAINTS: "The author of Hellbender is back with a new book that proves beyond a doubt that 'there's more than one way to chase the devil around a stump.' This genre-bending book reads like Gabriel Garcia Marquez getting in a bayonet

ARTICLE: High Treason by Diann Mills at The Big Thrill by Heidi Ruby Miller

ARTICLES "DiAnn Mills, author of the new thriller HIGH TREASON, lives up to her tag line: Expect an adventure. One look at her Instagram feed (@diannmillsauthor) gives you the big picture of not just a writer, but also a community leader, a traveler, a fashionista, and a coffee connoisseur." Read the entire interview in The Big Thrill Magazine . And check out more about Diann Mills , High Treason , and the rest of her books at .