BOOK: Til Death by Janice Leach and James Frederick Leach


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Til Death
by Janice Leach and James Frederick Leach


Love is forever, until death do us part, but the heartaches and nuances of marriage are not always pleasant. This collection is a dialogue on the trials and tribulations of sharing a life together. It casts a shadow, and a light, on the mornings spent baking, and the evenings spent crying, on the afternoons spent napping, and the late nights of endless contemplation. These poems detail urges and familiarities that emphasize how love and sex aren’t simply about physical attraction, but about a state of mind, too, a willingness to embrace the every-day happenings, and the cosmic upheavals that life throws at us.

A collaborative effort by Jim and Janice Leach, their poetry is full of dark delights that cut as well as kiss, starve as well as satiate. This bouquet of vows speaks to endurance and passion, emphasizing the necessity of understanding the needs of your partner while still following your heart and moral compass. Let it serve as a practice, a study of dark passions and a meditation on star-crossed stirrings in the household of fate.

“I was expecting poems grim and terrifying, but to my surprise, Janice and James Leach serve portions of their experiences together — both dark and light — on a speculative plate. It is a simply excellent collection, blending both styles and perspectives perfectly.” —Marge Simon, Naughty Ladies

“…a voyeuristic journey into the heart and mysteries of a couple, impossible to turn away from or to put down.”—Peter Adam Salomon, All Those Broken Angels

“There is a phrase in one of their poems, the ‘mad Poetry of listening, which stuck with me as the feeling I had the entire time I was reading this collection. There is a terrible beauty to their verses, like an unsettling mirror. Their words make you ache for something ephemeral and fleeting. Long to capture and hold it, if only for an instant, because you will know in that moment that everything was worth it.” –Maurice Broaddus, Buffalo Soldier

“ ‘Til Death is a darkly delightful banquet of poems about marital love in all its forms. By turns magic, domestic, mythic, and scientific, this slender book offers a feast for readers who enjoy excellent verse.”—Lucy Snyder, While the Black Stars Burn

“Romantic, yes, but with bite, a few shudders, and lots of sensual teasing…Buy two copies: one for yourself, one for the one you dream of.” —Mary A. Turzillo, Nebula and Elgin winner, author of Bonsai Babies

“Exemplary of two knotted lives twists, turns, secrets, and the monotony of wanting to be untied, untethered, but not exactly free… ‘Til Death: Marriage Poems is that mind-space of falling in and out of love with your best friend, stranger, confidant, enemy, and lover as all-in-one, over and over again. With the additions and subtractions of life on Earth, of course, as it cruelly allows.” —Rain Graves


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