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To celebrate 500,000 views and counting at www.heidirubymiller.com, I'm highlighting my most visited posts this week and...

...making my latest book, STARRIE, free on Amazon for the first time ever. The celebration (and free books) run from Tuesday, December 20 - Saturday, December 24, 2016.

Many thanks to my readers and fans as well as the multitudes of authors who have been gracious interviewees since I began this site back in 2005

My very first post was a book review of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing a Novel by Thomas F. Monteleone. Tom was my first mentor in Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction Graduate Program and remains very dear to my heart. Jason and I still bring out bits of advice from his book and from chats with Tom at school.

He is known, of course, for his international bestselling and critically acclaimed Blood of the Lamb, as well as numerous other novels and short stories, and as co-editor with his wife Elizabeth Monteleone on the groundbreaking, Borderlands series.

The novel that Tom was instrumental in helping me bring to life was my thesis, AMBASADORA BOOK 1: Marked by Light (Dog Star Books 2013). I remember fondly the monthly notes (written on printed out manuscript pages!) and phone calls during that very developmental first year of my graduate studies. The book and my career today would not be what they are without Tom. I always say there are less than a dozen people to whom I attribute the majority of my success--Tom Monteleone is certainly one of them.

The best thing he ever said to me, and what I live by as a writer today, is "write a book you'd be proud to have on your own shelf, then you'll always have something around that you want to read."

That's how I feel about every one of my books.

Thanks, Tom!


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