BOOK: Oblivion by Sasha Dawn



One year ago, Callie was found shivering in an abandoned apartment, the walls covered in her red-inked scrawls. She remembers nothing of that night. Nothing of the thirty-six hours before. All she knows is that her father, the reverend at the Church of the Holy Promise, hasn't been seen since. Neither has Hannah Rynes, a young girl from the parish.

Since that night, Callie has been plagued by graphomania--a compulsion to write. The words that pound in her head and flow through her red felt-tip pen onto the pages of her notebooks (onto her jeans, onto her limbs) make no sense, yet they may be the key to unlocking her memory.

The anniversary of Hannah's disappearance is approaching. The words are coming faster and faster. Then Callie meets a guy at school who might be able to help her sort through the jumbled nonsense and piece the puzzle together, revealing her past.

But some secrets are better left buried...

Starred review: Kirkus Reviews and ALA
Recommended read: School Library Journal
Best Books for Teens 2014: New York Public Libraries

Sasha Dawn, writer, philosopher, and collector of tap shoes, started writing when she was seven years old and hasn't stopped since. Her debut novel is the acclaimed Oblivion. Find her at


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