BOOK: The Angel of Mercy (Jax Marlin series) by T.K. Toppin

The Angel of Mercy

Even A Vigilante Needs An Angel
Weeks after helping Special Inspector Pedroni sort through his demons, Jax Marlin is still hiding, reluctant to conquer her own monster and face the world. As Christmas 2400 descends, Pedroni waits for Jax in growing despair, battling the crowds shopping for gifts and having cappuccinos with his elderly neighbour. Meanwhile Jax procrastinates, but learns of the kidnapping of a young girl. She soon realizes the girl is someone she knows, and if ever she needed a kick-start, this is it. As she chases the scent of the kidnappers, Jax finds herself entrenched in tropical sunshine and briny ocean breezes, and Pedroni eagerly abandons shopping to give chase once more. Can Jax save the kidnapped girl? Will Pedroni finally capture his vigilante? But not all is as it seems, and not all that need saving need it.

T.K. Toppin is a published author of Speculative Fiction and SFR (Science Fiction Romance) novels and short stories. The Lancaster Rule, her debut novel and its sequels, The Master Key and The Eternal Knot, were contracted by Champagne Books Group/BURST Books. In July 2012, she signed on with Ring of Fire Publishing to release the To Catch A Marlin novels and short stories.

T.K. was born, raised and lives in Barbados and is currently working on three novels and several short stories.

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