BOOK: The Machines of Bellatrix by Cary Caffrey

The Machines of Bellatrix

UPDATED: November 5th

Machines (the sequel to The Girls from Alcyone) is now live on Amazon and available for purchase in the Kindle Store. A paperback and hardcover edition will follow in a few weeks.

Alcyone is gone. The Independent stronghold on Scorpii is destroyed. Sigrid and her sisters have fled the Federation to make a new home on the remote world of Medea. 

But with a price on her head the size of a planet, and pursued across the galaxy by the Council for Trade and Finance, Sigrid knows she and her sisters are far from safe. As long as there are those who would seek to control them, hunt them, dominate them, they will never be safe.

Unless Sigrid can stop them first.

But to stop them, Sigrid must first find them. But how? And where? Her only clue is a mysterious coded message; one that could serve as either warning or invitation; one that will lead Sigrid to a factory world at the very edge of Federation space, and to a deadly confrontation with her most dangerous enemy yet: the machines of Bellatrix.


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