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DESCRIPTION: As a boy, Hale Privet dreamed of sailing the grey waters of the northern Gantic Ocean aboard a mighty ship of war. But when farm life kept him from the sea, the sea came to him – in the form of Rye Blackbird, the infamous mutineer whose wondrous tales help set Hale on his own path to adventure. And such adventures they are! Villains, mysteries, sea battles and even a cursed island await.

Privet's story is part folklore and part fantasy, set in a long-ago time where you might just as easily witness something mystical, as feel the salty spray of the sea on your face. FELLENGREY is a bedtime story for grown-ups, complete with pirates, ghosts, magic spells and, of course, a beautiful maiden to capture the dashing hero's heart. Author Scott Thomas lyrically creates a world that is visceral and treacherous, but also lovely and familiar.


Daniel Radcliffe as HALE PRIVET

A good-hearted fellow with something of a bad temper, Hale Privet sets out to pursue his childhood dream, a life of adventure at sea aboard royal naval ships.

Daniel Day Lewis as RYE BLACKBIRD

A notorious master swordsman, who like Hale is bound to the sea, Blackbird wages a war against pirates over a matter of the heart.

Katie McGrath as HAZEL

Hazel is the lovely daughter of a tavern keeper in the village of New Crown. Her charms catch the eye of young Lt. Hale Privet and unwittingly instigate a life and death conflict between him and a superior officer.

Adrien Brody as MILL BURNSHIRE

A master coxswain in the king’s navy, Burnshire first finds himself shrunken to the size of a child and stranded on magical Small Island before later appearing as a friend in Lt. Privet’s tale.

Emile Hirsch as CAPT. LITCH

Litch is a ruthless villain who brings trouble to Hale Privet’s childhood and again when Privet is an officer at sea.


Seen as a scandalous figure at the naval fort where she has been sentenced to spend her days, Lady Swellbrook incites Privet’s protectiveness toward those who suffer injustices. He is drawn in by the story of her past and plays witness to a love that weathers both time and adversity.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as NEELAM HENTWIDGE

A meticulous fellow with a keen mind and a sword cane, Hentwidge is the kingdom’s trusted documentarian. He accompanies Lt. Privet on a mission to save the life of Fellengrey’s beloved ruler.

Geoffrey Rush as CAPT. SPURRY

A pleasantly eccentric man of the sea, Capt. Spurry takes the helm of a murder investigation and finds his ship in great danger as his very sanity is challenged.

Julianne Moore as HOLLY

As a woman of the land, Holly proves a contrasting figure to the roving Rye Blackbird, but is her love enough to keep him from riding the waves? Or will she compel him to travel the ocean again?

Scott Thomas is the author of Cobwebs and Whispers and Shadows of Flesh, both from Delirium books. His fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies which include: The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror #15, The Year’s Best Horror #22, Sick: An Anthology of Illness, Leviathan 3, Of Flesh and Hunger, Deathrealms and The Ghost in the Gazebo.

Thomas is fond of old houses, cats and the music of Corelli. He lives in Maine.

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  1. What a line up, Scott! Can't wait to get my copy of FELLENGREY.

    Thanks for casting your characters.

    :) Heidi

  2. Thanks, Heidi! I'm delighted to have the opportunity to cast my characters for FELLENGREY here at your cool site! I love that you do this!

  3. Really incredible actor picks Scott picked for the characters. I stumbled across your blog looking to see if there were more Lt. Privet stories, having won Fellengrey on a Goodreads giveaway more than a year ago. I absolutely loved the book, and now one of my favorites. God how it would make for a great movie! :D

    1. It would indeed make a great movie!

      Thank you for stopping by.

    2. Thank you so very much! Delighted that you enjoyed it!


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