MEME: Tag! I'm it!


Tag! I'm It!

Hope your shots are up to date… I’ve been tagged by Ann Laurel Kopchik in a game of author infection!

The rules are simple:
1) Search your work in progress for the first use of "look".
2) Copy and paste that paragraph and the ones immediately before and after into a blog post.
3) Then tag five other authors:
John Edward Lawson
Deanna Lepsch
Mike Mehalek
Jason Jack Miller
K. Ceres Wright

This is from my supernatural thriller ATOMIC ZION:

Half of his comrades marching with him now had been there in Warsaw when it happened.

A tip had come in, anonymous, as all tips were, accusing a math teacher of holding anti-party meetings in his house. When they came to arrest the grey-haired teacher, Skovajsa was struck by how much the man looked like his own geometry teacher from years ago, the one who had opened the world of art to him through angles and lines.

The teacher they went after that day had put up no fight, but his wife shouted and wailed at the soldiers, so distraught at one point she picked up an ashtray and hit Borikov in the shoulder. He beat her then, angry blows pounding her to the ground so some of the others could kick her.


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