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October 20-21, 2012

The first ever DogCon, hosted by Raw Dog Screaming Press, will be part Halloween party, part writer's weekend, part State of the Dog address. This is an invitation only event but if it goes well could be a public event next year!


Natalie Duvall received her undergraduate degree in English (the best subject ever) from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. While there, she was able to further the love of Jane Austen that she first developed when watching Emma Thompson's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility and reading her sister's copy of Pride and Prejudice. Through the tutelage of Dr. JoAlyson Parker, Natalie was able to experience ALL of Jane's works, though she admits to disliking Persuasion and really liking Northanger Abbey.

It was during this time that Natalie also picked up the Regency anthology, A Christmas Holiday. This was Natalie's first taste of "contemporary" Regency romance. Natalie recommends this book to anyone, especially the story "Sheer Sorcery" by Elizabeth Thornton.

Having loved the romance fiction genre since age sixteen when she stole A Substitute Husband from the desk at work, Natalie enrolled in the Writing Popular Fiction Master's program at Seton Hill University. There she met (and continues to meet) many wonderful writers and people (see the Links page for more info), including her husband, Matt. However, Natalie didn't write Regency at the time. She wrote a terrible contemporary romcom entitled O'Feurstein's Education.
Skip several years. Natalie picked up or was gifted books by Eloisa James and Victoria Alexander.

Natalie lives in a big old house (circa 1900 -- so not as old as the Regency) in a charming little town in Central PA. She enjoys walking as much as possible, unless it's cold out. She is married with cats and a kid. Her real job (the one that pays the bills) involves teaching 11th grade English (British lit!). Her non-fiction work appears in Fine Living Lancaster. In what free time is left, she trains in Krav Maga and is a lackadaisical triathlete.

She is also co-editor of the charity anthology Hazard Yet Forward.

Spy on her at www.natalieduvall.com.

Books by Natalie Duvall:
Hazrad Yet Forward


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