EVENT: Countdown to DogCon #6 - Jennifer Barnes



October 20-21, 2012

The first ever DogCon, hosted by Raw Dog Screaming Press, will be part Halloween party, part writer's weekend, part State of the Dog address. This is an invitation only event but if it goes well could be a public event next year!


Jennifer Barnes is co-founder and managing editor of Raw Dog Screaming Press. She graduated from the University of Maryland with an English degree and a concentration in Poetry and Creative Writing. She has had numerous poems and articles published both in print and online. Most recently her poetry appeared in The Greatest Chapbook Ever, A Little Poetry, Ascent, and sidereality. BETTER HAUNTED HOMES AND GARDENS, Jennifer's children's book with artist Kristen Margiotta, was released with Imagination Books. Jennifer is also a graphic designer with over ten years of web and print design experience.

Spy on her at the Raw Dog journal.

Books by Jennifer Barnes:
Better Haunted Homes and Gardens


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