I flirted with writing off and on for 23 years before getting serious and marrying it back in 2004. At that time the general advice on getting professionally published as a novelist was to sell a slew of short stories to build a list of credentials and then solicit agents who would in turn sell your novel to a publisher. But the rules are changing as technology races to outdo itself and publishers clamp down on the number of books they buy as brick and mortar stores consolidate and go out of business during these tumultuous economic times. So, what’s a writer who has racked up that list of short fiction sales to do when the agents and publishers aren’t biting? ePublish.

After reading about the success of indie authors such as Amanda Hocking, I figured it was time to test the waters of ePublishing with two short story collections. World Weaver Press, a brand new small press, released Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories in March and I launched Fried Zombie Dee-light! Ghoulish, Ghostly Tales on my own in April.

In preparation for the big event, I read up on how to ePublish, built a website, joined Twitter, changed my Facebook strategy from social media to professional promotion, and formatted my manuscript for an eReader. A professionally designed book cover is a must to stand out from amateurs, so I collaborated with illustrator Abby Goldsmith for a fun, eye-catching cover. The book is now available on Kindle, Nook, and through Smashwords. It’s taken me time to learn how to do these things, but learning new skills is good.

-Susan Abel Sullivan
July 2012


Fried Zombie Dee-light! Ghoulish, Ghostly Tales by Susan Abel Sullivan
Available at, Barnes & and

Delightfully fraught with humor and the macabre, Sullivan's FRIED ZOMBIE DEE-LIGHT masterfully mixes the mundane with the fantastic in her tales of the strange and ghoulish.
--Heidi Ruby Miller, author of AMBASADORA and GREENSHIFT; co-editor of MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT

"Susan Abel Sullivan's talent shines in FRIED ZOMBIE DEE-LIGHT, a collection full of wicked humor and quirky charm."--Sherry Peters, author of SILENCING YOUR INNER SABOTEUR

“Eerie, delectable, and filled with Southern charm, Fried Zombie Dee-Light will leave you wanting more.”—Rebecca Roland, author of the forthcoming SHARDS OF HISTORY from World Weaver Press

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  1. Susan, you make a wonderful point that I tell people all the time--deciding to self-publish is not a light decision, and it isn't for everyone.

    I have personally gotten so much out of the process, and I'm happy you have as well!

    Truly enjoyed FRIED ZOMBIE DEE-LIGHT!!

    :) Heidi

  2. Thank you, Heidi!

  3. Susan was part of Laura Anschicks' "The Writers Group" class at the College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn, Illinois) for several years. No one gave more passionate and enthusiastic readings. She was a joy to have in the group. We've kept in touch and rejoiced at her considerable publication successes over the years. It's just not the same without her :( (I'm trying to talk her into attending SHU.)


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