SFFS: Snippet from Fragger #1

SFFS Snippet


Fragger, the second novel in the Ambasadora series, will be coming soon. So here's a snippet from the beginning of the book where we drop in on Sean discussing Sara's recent, life-threatening seizures with Yul, a fragger doctor.

The picture on the left is cropped from the cover of Ambasadora to show a close up of Sara's bio-lights, which will become the large arc in the the remaining books.

Those little lights will change the world....



"I believe the problem stems from her bio-lights," Yul said.

Sean pictured the small lavender dots of the intra-tattoo swirling under the skin of Sara's arm. It had been too long since just his touch could send them racing and pulsing. Their mesmerizing effects had been as good as a drug during the one night they were intimate. He thought about that night ever since, wondering when they would have the opportunity to be that close again. Fear of losing her twisted his insides like no amount of torture ever could...or had. He pushed the terrors of Palomin out of his mind. They'd just revisit him tonight again anyway.

"How can you know for sure that it's her bio-lights?" Sean asked.

"Because of the pattern, the same pattern each time."


Greenshift, the prequel to Ambasadora, is also available at Amazon.

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  1. Oh, I can't wait for this to come out! Do you have an idea of a date?

  2. Uh oh...definitely need to find out what happened, and what comes next!

  3. There's always a pattern if you know what to look for.

  4. Pippa, I may be putting FRAGGER and the rest of the series out with a publisher, so it all depends....

    Your enthusiasm makes me feel warm and cuddly--thanks. :)

  5. To quote The Doctor:
    "I love humans. They always see patterns in things that aren't there." That's why you always seek a second opinion! I love the bio lights, but more interesting to me is they haven't ummm... you know... since the first time?

  6. How intriguing! I think that I need to add this to my TBR pile...

  7. Oh, man! Can't wait for this to be finished, released, and downloaded onto my reading device. That's all I got to say!

  8. Ooo! Very good scene, lots of detail and good back story. Nice work.

  9. I'm going to have to find out more about those bio-lights.

  10. I love the idea of bio-lights.

  11. Nice snippet, i really want to see more of their relationship. The biolights are intriguing.

  12. bio lights?! great concept! and they react to stimuli?! I want me some of those babies!
    I'll also need to be getting the book! great snippet!

  13. I am super excited to read the sequel. I had a feeling the biolights would be big!


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