This week I'll be featuring the debut authors from Grit City Publications (GCP), an independent publishing group of emotobooks, the first fiction medium designed exclusively for tablets. Our creative teams immerse our fans in the thick tapestries of amazing stories and visualized character emotions. This winning combination of fiction and art enraptures the soul, and proves: Emotobooks are not a pastime; they’re a way of life.

With all the new technological advances made in the past few years, many new authors have been able to make the decision to be published. They just have to do it themselves.

Three years ago, that’s what happened to three writers in a small cafĂ© off the coast of Maine, and the Greater Portland Scribists were born. We worked over the next year to prepare our best work for publication in our new group’s first ever anthology. Our reasoning was that the current ebook craze was too good to miss out on, and we wanted to get our foot in that door while it was still fresh. A year later Scribings Vol. 1 hit the stores. And each of us has valuable experience in all the facets of producing a book.

A few months after that, my short story, Lingering in the Woods, was accepted by Grit City Publications. Lingering will be available as an EmotoSingle in April 2012. You can read a review of Lingering in the Woods on Have you Heard Book Reviews.

Grit City EmotoBooks are all fast-paced, imagery-heavy short stories or serial novels. Added to this basic form, abstract art is placed at emotional peaks in the story. This is what really makes the EmotoBook a revolutionary form of modern electronic fiction. I am proud to be a part of a process that combines my two biggest obsessions, writing and art, into a new form.

My key philosophy in writing is to stay busy. I have three more stories geared toward anthologies, including a Scribings Vol 2, coming out later this year. As I build my backlist of stories, I’m also building worlds that tie together across multiple volumes. I hope to keep them all alive the more I "stay busy," and someday in novels.

--Cynthia Ravinski
April 2012

Cynthia Ravinski writes, among other things. From her coastal northern setting, she crafts stories in impossible worlds and dreams up crafty characters to occupy them. She’s been an athlete, a co-pilot, a world traveler, and she’s basked in the light of great poets. She’s been educated to high degrees at UMaine Farmington and Seton Hill University. To say she is obsessed with drinking tea is an understatement.

Find Cynthia online at:


- @CynthiaRavinski -

DESCRIPTION OF Lingering in the Woods:
Can a shaman save the soul of a demon’s spawn in order to protect his tribe and save himself from exile? In this EmotoSingle fantasy of Finnish lore, what begins as a journey for Chrigle to win his place among the tribe quickly turns into a test of will and sacrifice.




  1. The whole emotobook concept is fascinating. I loved Grit City so I'm looking forward to your emotosingle, Cynthia--you had me at Finnish lore. ;)

    Thank you for sharing your path for LINGERING IN THE WOODS.

  2. Thanks for having me, Heidi! I loved exploring the uncommon Finnish mythology myself. I think it holds a few more stories for me. I hope you enjoy LITW!


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