CAST YOUR CHARACTERS: Last Burn in Hell by John Edward Lawson


For the next two weeks I'll be featuring authors from the cutting edge Raw Dog Screaming Press! Founded in August 2003, RDSP books are entertaining and thought-provoking and span the gamut from surreal and absurd to horror, sci-fi and fantasy.




DESCRIPTION: Kenrick Brimley, the state prison's official gigolo, hangs over a lava pit on trial for his life in a strange land. He will reveal the course of his life one misguided step at a time for his captors. From his romance with serial arsonist Leena Manasseh to his lurid angst-affair with a lesbian music diva, from his ascendance as unlikely pop icon to otherworldly encounters, the one constant truth is that he's got no clue what he's doing. As unrelenting as it is original, Last Burn in Hell is John Edward Lawson at his most scorching intensity, serving up sexy satire and postmodern pulp with his trademark day-glow prose. Presented in Lawson's "book as DVD" format the Director's Cut includes: deleted scenes, alternate ending, photo stills, remastering for more enjoyable viewing, and more!


Christian Bale as KENRICK BRIMLEY
Kenrick convinces himself he "just goes with the flow" but-despite good intentions--actively makes choices that lead to chaos and violence at every turn.

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer as LEENA MANASSEH
Like the fire she so enjoys playing with, Leena's affections flicker with the slightest breeze, even if she is the one person willing to accept Kenrick for what he is.

Alicia Witt as NIKKI
Aloof, spoiled, a legend in her own mind--and that's on this pop diva's good days, much less when her secrets are about to be revealed.

Selena Gomez as JUANITA DIAZ
The one person in Kenrick's life without a hidden agenda, just anger from a lifetime of damage.

Todd Stashwick as C.O. RITCHIE
Inmates are below his notice, but something about Kenrick's status makes Ritchie want to play nemesis every chance he gets.

Scorpion smuggler? CIA operative? Best friend? Enrique has almost as much fun changing hats as he does getting shot at.

John Edward Lawson has published fifteen books and hundreds of works in anthologies, magazines, newspapers, and literary journals worldwide. He is a winner of the Fiction International Emerging Writers Competition; other nominations include the Bram Stoker Award, two for the the Dwarf Stars Award, the Pushcart Prize, two for the Rhysling Award, and the Wonderland Award. As a freelance editor he has worked for Raw Dog Screaming Press, Double Dragon Publishing, and National Lampoon among others, has edited seven anthologies, and served as editor-in-chief for The Dream People. He lives near Washington, DC with his wife and son.

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  1. So, now I have to move this up on my extremely long TBR list because I am totally going to picture these characters when I read it.

    Thanks for the casting call, John!

    I look forward to LAST BURN IN HELL.

    :) Heidi

  2. Great! I'm excited by the prospect! But, just as exciting would see you cast your own books! What say you?

  3. Ha! Maybe one day. I still have never done my own PICK SIX and people have been asking me to that for years.

    I don't think they could handle my celebrity crushes. ;)

  4. Okay, forget it...just do a post on your celebrity crushes! That's *way* more interesting! In fact, maybe you should just turn this into a celeb gossip site. I could easily see you hosting Entertainment Tonight, or at least podcasting in that style.

    In other news: have you done your own Paths to Publication?

  5. Miley's biggest fanApril 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    I love to hate Tod Stashwick. Good choices, though I think you should have found a role for Miley Cyrus.

  6. I think he should've found a role for Miley too.

    Speaking of which, Miley's biggest fan, here's somebody who did...

  7. Despite heckling him I actually thought casting Miley was a genius move on Jason's part.

    There's not much room in Last Burn for Miley, except perhaps as his stalker. She's a member of the terrorist organization SISTER (Sapphic Interventionists Standing Together as Empowered Radicals). Not a huge role, so probably beneath Miley's status, but a memorable one.

    1. I agree with your comments on the Miley pick. Miley as a stalker?? I'd think casting Lindsay Lohan as a stalker would be interesting. A small role would be perfect for her with her track record of unreliability.

  8. #1: I can't believe the Miley debate still rages on...we need to settle this in June, penguin style.

    #2: John, I should totally do a writing version of ET on YouTube! Celeb writers at cons, interviews, surprise sightings (set up by the authors themselves, of course). Wow, this could take more time than I have, but now you have my wheels spinning.

    Damn you.

  9. Bigg: A pulpy bunch of nonsense like Last Burn is the *perfect* place for Lohan! It would be awesome to see her involved, especially in a role that would let her unleash all that crazy she's got pent up.


    #1: Okay, penguins on the field of honor at dawn.

    #2: DUDE! You SO have to do this now. Spin those wheels and kick up some dirt! Especially the surprise writer sightings! Please, please, please start up your YouTube channel ASAP. I'm not being facetious here, I think you're in a unique position to make this a great opportunity for yourself.

    #3: If I've gotta be damned (and it's going to happen sooner or later) I'd rather be damned by you. Now that we've got the damning out of the way, let's go get those donuts! (started my diet again, if you couldn't tell from my sugar-deprived ranting lately)

  10. #1: We need Lepsch for the Penguin fight.

    #2: I don't already have enough to do, but it is a good idea, isn't it? Maybe I'll work on something so we can do some filming at SHU in June. Perfect opportunity. I may need help...any volunteers, *cough* John Edward Lawson *cough*?

    #3: You're killing me with the donut talk!I want to eat one right now!! Sweets are my bane. This will be known as the donut residency at Seton Hill. Everyone should bring their best donuts, you and I will judge them on taste, then appropriate prizes will be rewarded. Like a sheet of googly eye stickers. Or an appearance on our YouTube talk show.

  11. Okay, I'll be your interview guinea pig! And...for sure...there will be a donut competition unlike any other. Prizes will be awarded. Names will be taken. Even more donuts will be taken. I'm pretty sure some vengeance will be meted out as well.

  12. I could totally see Bale doing this!


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