I had already written a devotional book for women when I approached publishers at writers conferences about a second book. Someone suggested that since two friends and I already had a speaking ministry called Friends of the Heart, we should write a book together. So we wrote Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides.

Our background:
In 1998 Janine Boyer and Kim Messinger had asked me to mentor them as Christian leaders. We began meeting weekly at 5:30 a.m. to discuss Christian books and five years later decided we would like to form a ministry team. We have now spoken in five states, and we lead about 15 events each year.

Who we are:
Kim is a first grade teacher and a volunteer youth leader at her church. She has one son in college and another in high school. She enjoys taking care of her Newfoundland, Mercy Grace, cooking gourmet meals, and singing, especially with her husband Matthew.

Janine works in a family business along with her husband Dave and serves as a youth and prayer ministry leader. With a son and a daughter in college, she keeps busy watching college sports, reading, and running.

I am a former teacher and director of Christian education who has written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. My husband and I have two married sons, a daughter waiting in heaven and five grandchildren.

Why the book:
As Janine, Kim, and I led women’s retreats, we found many women feeling guilt (both real and imagined) and some women paralyzed by guilt because of past experiences. To offer encouragement after retreats end, we wrote a book that focuses on a godly way to deal with guilt.

Each page of the daily devotional book offers readers a "Guilt Trip to Avoid," a scripture verse, a personal experience story, and a way to "Take the Joy Ride." The book includes 183 readings, enough to last six months.

-Shirley Brosius
February 2012


An Amazon review of Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides by Jennifer Monahan:
Guilt trips...we've all got them and we've all been along for the ride. What I love about this book is the personal stories, the confessions of taking a wrong turn into guilt, but then finding the way out and back into joy. It's encouraging and uplifting. The stories are short, to the point and highly relatable. Shirley, Janine, and Kim make a great team of co-authors bringing a wide range of situations we can connect to.


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