HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Mark Radford


Mark Radford

1. Which of your characters is your favorite?
It has to be Midnight from Early Memory – a strong feisty woman with a troubled background who can be expanded into further books, starting with its sequel due for release in April/May.

2. Tell me about your travels.
3. Coffee, tea, or milk?

4. What else can you do besides write?
I can use sign language quite well when in the company of the deaf community but generally I use spoken English as my main communication method – the best of both worlds.

5. Who are you reading right now?
The Timekeepers by Charles Moore – a Sci-Fi adventure.

6. Pop culture or academia?
7. What is the toughest scene you ever wrote?
8. Where do you find your inspirations to write?

9. Food you could eat everyday.
My biggest vice is Chocolate! – gradually cutting down on it.

10. Are you into sports or other physical activities?
11. What kind of music speaks to you?

12. Do you outline your stories or do they just take you along for the ride?
I generally write up an outline of the story’s plot with some scenes that are clear in my mind and the characters to be used to give the book some direction. Sometimes the characters take over and direct the action to me!

13. Celebrity crush.
Jennifer Love Hewitt – a homely kind of woman with a lovely smile!

14. Who are the biggest influences on your work?
15. Do you still watch cartoons?


Mark Radford is a deaf author who has been living on the south coast of England for over 30 years. After many dormant years, his writing dream was revived when in mid-1998 ill health caused him to lose his job on medical grounds. He was diagnosed with Menieres. During the recovery period, he enrolled in two creative writing courses that led to writing qualifications and the publication of his debut novel ‘Early Memory’. A full biography of the author and information on his writing can be found at his Web site www.markradford.co.uk.

Buy Early Memory - http://www.amazon.com/Early-Memory-ebook/dp/B006EK6YVO

Buy Game of Justice - http://www.amazon.com/Game-Of-Justice-ebook/dp/B00642K61G


  1. Love the premise for EARLY MEMORY and love the cover guy for GAME OF JUSTICE! ;)

    Thanks for picking six, Mark.


  2. Thanks for having me on 'Pick 6' and I can confirm that EARLY MEMORY is available for FREE! just for the day at the Amazon Kindle store tomorrow (Wed 25th Jan).


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