HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Linnea Sinclair


Linnea Sinclair

1. Which of your characters is your favorite?
That can vary based on what I'm writing but probably Philip Guthrie. Wounded, cranky, stubborn, sexy-as-all-get-out. He was a somewhat antagonist in GABRIEL'S GHOST, morphed into a supporting protagonist in SHADES OF DARK, got his own story in HOPE'S FOLLY. It was fabulous watching a character grow.

2. Tell me about your travels.

3. Coffee, tea, or milk?
Pu-erh tea (the best is from Bana Tea Company) or double espresso coffee

4. What else can you do besides write?

5. Who are you reading right now?
MEMO FROM THE STORY DEPT. : Secrets of Structure and Character - Christopher Vogler and David McKenna

6. Pop culture or academia?
7. What is the toughest scene you ever wrote?
8. Where do you find your inspirations to write?

9. Food you could eat everyday.
Apples and peanut butter. That's my usual lunch.

10. Are you into sports or other physical activities?
11. What kind of music speaks to you?

12. Do you outline your stories or do they just take you along for the ride?
I'm a leap-frog plotter/pantser. Plot three, write three. Plot the next three, write three. And so on.

13. Celebrity crush.

14. Who are the biggest influences on your work?
CJ Cherryh. She is the master of SF/Space Opera and I've been reading her for decades. She's an auto-buy for me. Also Julie Czerneda's TRADE PACT books (I learned of Czerneda because Cherryh recommended her) and Tanya Huff's VALOR series.

15. Do you still watch cartoons?

A former news reporter and retired private detective, Linnea Sinclair writes award-winning, fast-paced science fiction romance for Bantam Dell, including Gabriel’s Ghost (RITA® winner), Games of Command (RITA® finalist) and her current best seller, Rebels and Lovers. Her short story, “Courting Trouble,” is featured in Songs of Love & Death, an anthology edited by Gardner Dozois and George R.R. Martin (Pocket). Sinclair splits her time between Florida (winters) and Ohio (summers)—and the Intergalactic Bar & Grille at www.linneasinclair.com.

Find Linnea online at these links:

WEBSITE - www.linneasinclair.com

- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Linnea-Sinclair/75135631090


  1. It's always fun to read one of Linnea's interviews, Heidi.

    I think Philip Guthrie is one of my favorite characters, too--but so is Sully (Gabriel) and, of course, Admiral Branden Kel-Paten from Games of Command. And Mack from An Accidental Goddess.

    Yeah, they're all good!

    I haven't read a CJ Cherryh yet (shame, shame). I'll have to do that very soon.

  2. I like Philip too. And of course Sully! Everyone seems to like Kel-Paten. He's fine, but the above two are my favorites.

  3. Laurie, you've not read Cherryh? ;-) For shame, dear. Her FOREIGNER series is spectacular but so are her older books like MERCHANTER'S LUCK.

    Kaye, yeppers, I get a lot of fan mail on Kel-Paten but Philip was sooo much fun to write! ;-) ~Linnea

  4. I loved Phillip as well, almost the reluctant anti-hero. But then, I love the whole series.
    Linnea, we need more books like yours out there. I started reading you after Joss Whedon's Firefly left a hole in my heart. SFR and space opera type romance in particular is seriously underrated, if you ask me.
    Am definitely going to check out Cherryh's books!

  5. Linnea, thank you so much for picking six! It was so much fun having you.

    Laurie, I hang my head with you because I've had a Cherryh book on my shelf for years, but have yet to crack it open. (It's now next on my list.)

    Kaye, I can't just choose one either. ;)

    Jess, may the whole world hear you: "SFR and space opera type romance in particular is seriously underrated, if you ask me."


  6. Love sci-fi and sci-fi romance. I agree it is tremendously underrated.
    CJ Cherryh is an autobuy and have most of her books, they are like old friends. Have added all the authors mentioned here except Tanya Huff so will look out for her Valor series. Can I just add Lee and Miller Agent of Change series set on Liad. Wonderful stories and definitely recommend.

  7. When I start picking which of your books are my favorites, I end up naming them all. Each guy is perfect for their gal and I love the high energy action. I haven't read CJ Cherryh yet either and I need to. Have read some of the Laiden books and loved them.

  8. Check on the reviews for what Cherryh novel you might start with rather than a random grab. I wouldn't recommend anyone except someone into experimental fiction try I think it _Voyager in Night_ as a first book by Cherryh.... I think that;s the one where the characters have gyphs rather than alphabetical names.... My favorites as entry points include Merchanter's Luck's, which has a semi-romance in it and there are two lead characters (as opposed to Downbelow Station, which won the Hugo, but which I bounced off because there are at least a dozen viewpoint characters and a war going on and nobody's got The Big Picture, they've got bits and pieces of viewpoints, until I read Merchanter's Luck, whereupon I was then able to read Downbelow Station--even though it occurs after Downbelow Station) and Pride of Chanur, which the lead characrter is a long-married spaceship captain, with two adult offspring, still in love with her husband despite... and he's still madly in love with her, despite.... they're hani, not human, of a leonine species. The book as I recall starts with the Captain of the Pride of Chanur noticing something pale and furless skulking around the entry to the ship.

    The Foreigner series I haven't been able to get into/that interested in. The first book was planetbound for as far as I got into into, and focused on politics. In comparison, Merchanter's Luck and Pride of Chanur jump from space station to space station, with space battles and long-range scan reporting the arrival of ships, and the comm lags involved that photons carrying video and communciations within a stellar system in Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe travel at lightspeed (as opposed to going through a Jump between star systems -- with information either crawling at lightspeed or traveling with a ship through Jump) and lightspeed takes minutes or hours to carry the "scan" and report what happened--some of the dramatic tension involves characters' knowledge that what they;re seeing and hearing happened minutes ago, and that they can't change whatever happened between the time that the actions happened, and when they;re getting the reports and video...)

  9. These are AWESOME picks! Fantastic post!

  10. Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, Pauline, Paula, and Chrissy!

  11. I hadn't thought about it but Philip is one of my favorites along with Mack from Accidental Goddess. I love all of Cherryh's books. I own and have read them all.


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