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Why would I write under a pseudonym? The main reason is that I teach college freshmen and as much as we like to think of 18 year olds as adults, they really are quite young. The concern that my students knowing what I write would distract them and make my job more difficult is a real one, so when I decided to pursue publishing my writing, I decided to use a pseudonym.

I came up with the name Gabrielle Bisset easily. Well, the first name came easily. I've always loved the name Gabrielle, so that was the first name that jumped into my head when I began thinking of what name I'd like. As for the last name, it came from my childhood. When I was a young girl, I remember my father commenting that Jacqueline Bisset was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. After trying out a good number of last names and not liking any of them, I remembered my father's comment and tried Bisset. It had a great ring to it, and I was sold. From that point on, all my writing has been as Gabrielle Bisset.

One of my friends asked just before I began submitting Stolen Destiny if I was fine with the idea that I'd be published under a different name than my own. I told her then that I was okay with it, but I have to admit I don't think I was sure. However, now, after four books under Gabrielle Bisset, that name is as much me as my birth name.

Gabrielle Bisset is a college history teacher by day and an erotic romance author by nights and weekends. She's been writing for what seems like her whole lifetime, but only within the past year or so did she decide it was time to take the leap into publishing. Her first novel, Stolen Destiny, an erotic paranormal romance, was published by Siren Publishing in June 2011, and she's independently published three erotic romance novellas set in Victorian England since then: Vampire Dreams, Love's Master, and Masquerade. She's planning on releasing the sequel to Stolen Destiny in Fall 2011. When she's not writing, she's teaching college students American and European history and home schooling her son. Any free time after all that is spent with friends relaxing and having a good time.


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  1. Gabrielle, your covers are gorgeous! And so are the people on them. ;)

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your secret.


  2. Thanks for having me here today. Now the secret's out...;)


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