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Magic of Reading

This is the first in a series I'm hosting where I talk with reviewers who have reviewed my books. Today I welcome Leanne Bell from Magic of Reading! She was kind enough to take time out of her reading and blogging schedule to answer some fun questions about herself, her blog, and about my novel Ambasadora.

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1. What types of books do you review most often?
I will read anything, but usually I tend to review Young Adults, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and romance as I’m usually looking for some escapism when I read.

2. Are there any types of books you won’t review?
Not really since I like to expand my comfort zone all the time and I love to read new books. The way I see it I may as well try a book and if I don’t like it, then at least I tried. :)

3. Do you review more books you've come to on your own or those from authors/publishers?
At first it was those I discovered myself but as my blog has grown and I have gotten more review requests it’s a bit more even now, although I do love browsing for books on my own and the joy of discovering something new while standing in a bookstore.

4. How long does it usually take you to get to a book once it makes it into your TBR pile?
That varies from book to book. I try to get through review requests as quickly as I can but this isn’t always possible as I have to be in the mood to read certain books or I know I won’t be able to read it properly. So as an estimate I’d say a couple of months at the worst and less than a week at best.

5. What do you do if you can't finish a book?
I’m as honest as possible. Luckily all the books I’ve been unable to finish have been bought ones and it’s just myself I have to reconcile. :( I guess if I had a book for review from an author, that would be a bit more difficult, but I’d still be honest about it rather then try and force myself to finish.

6. What is your favorite book ever?
Ah I can’t answer that. lol Too many. I think because of my age My favourite series will be the Harry Potter series since it got me into reading as a reluctant 11 year old (thirteen years ago now, yikes!) As for a standalone favourite novel? I just don’t have one at the moment.

7. Do you like ice cream better than potato chips?
Definitely, I love Ice-cream! Especially anything from the Ben and Jerry’s range…mmmmmmm


1. Who was your favorite character?
Both Sara and Sean, but if I had to choose, probably Sara. I have nothing but respect for her character; she’s strong, willful and courageous despite everything she faced. The most amazing thing is she knew what she was risking by being defiant and she still did it!

2. What is your favorite setting within the Ambasadora-verse?
I loved the V-side, although I would be reluctant to go there myself, I just love the thought of being able to go to a different place whenever you want. When I consider how constricted the Ambasadora world is and how claustrophobic it would probably be, it’s the only place that seems to have any degree of freedom.

3. Would you rather have a character or a place named after you?
Ooooo a character! Definitely. Especially if that character had the same sort of personality as me, although it would be a bit weird at first reading about myself. I’m the sort of person who would then take the book everywhere and go: "Look, I’m in a book!" :)

4. What would you like to see in future books within the Ambasadora-verse?
I would love to know what happens to Sean and Sara next, I really really want to know. Oh, and more about Mari and David. I would also like to see if there are any changes to the world because of the rebellion, and the impact Sara had.

5. Would you ever want to travel to the V-side?
Partly yes, I think it would be pretty awesome to assume a new identity and just be a different person, but then I’d be pretty scared of never coming back, especially after reading what happened to some of the Fraggers.

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  1. Thank you for answering so many questions, Leanne! It's always helpful for writers to connect with reviewers, so I hope you can make some great connections today.



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