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Lee Allen Howard

As part of the three month mega VBT for the writing guide Many Genres, One Craft, Calum, The Secret Writer, and I are hosting the Secret Writers series.

A name is a trademark, one you hope will become known and connected to your writing. When you're writing in the genre world, a name can represent a certain genre that you pen for. My primary genre is horror -- always has been -- so I use my full name, Lee Allen Howard. (I started using all three names
when I discovered how many "Lee Howards" were out there!) I also liked that it has the same number of syllables as "Edgar Allan Poe," along with the same middle name. This gives me uniqueness with resonance.

I use a synonym for my erotica to maintain anonymity with those who may be offended by the subject matter. It helps prevent some who are prejudiced about the genre from attaching this stigma to my other work. Using a pen name also keeps readers with sex-on-the-brain from finding me in the phonebook!

Using a pseudonym protects me and helps maintain brand recognition between different genres -- important for someone who writes not only horror and dark crime, but gay erotica, and spirituality, believe it or not.

Lee Allen Howard has been a professional writer in the software industry since 1985. Besides editing fiction and non-fiction, he does editing and layout for health and fitness professionals. Lee writes horror, erotic horror, dark fantasy, and crime. His publication credits include The Sixth Seed, Severed Realtions, Cemetery Sonata anthology, Out newspaper, Thou Shalt Not... anthology, and Amber Quill Press. His article "Your Very First Editor" is part of the writing guide Many Genres, One Craft, edited by Michael A. Arnzen and Heidi Ruby Miller. Lee also writes about metaphysical and consciousness issues on his blog at You can also visit him at

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  1. Lee, it's interesting how many of the secret writers mention issues of safety as a factor in choosing a pen name.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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