HEIDI'S PICK SIX: Rodney Robbins


Rodney Robbins

1. Which of your characters is your favorite?
I really like Kiki MacConnach from my short story "Kiki--Naked in the Moonlight." Imagine Audrey Hepburn playing an elf princess in a studded leather mini-skirt, and you’ll see my Kiki. She never goes looking for trouble, but somehow it always finds her. That’s what happens when you’re the favorite plaything of the Unseelie Lord, and the court is ruled by the Unseelie Queen. I keep calling for a novel to put her in, but so far, no luck.

2. Tell me about your travels.
3. Coffee, tea, or milk?
4. What else can you do besides write?
5. Who are you reading right now?

6. Pop culture or academia?
I would probably enjoy teaching a college writing class. I’d have everyone go out for a drink at a burlesque club then write about what happened. My problem with academia is that I don’t want to keep score by how many esoteric papers I write. I want to keep score by how many people read my books. I don’t need to be Richard Castle (the fictional mystery writer from the "Castle" TV show), I just want an audience. I have found the Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University provides the best combination of academic and real world education. As far as I can tell, no one else is even close.

7. What is the toughest scene you ever wrote?

8. Where do you find your inspirations to write?
Often a story idea comes when two completely different ideas bump into each other during the night. For example: zombies brushing their teeth; a deaf mechanic who builds high-end car audio systems; waves crashing over a brand new, migraine-blue Corvette. Who could resist stuff like that?

9. Food you could eat everyday.

10. Are you into sports or other physical activities?
I tried powerlifting twice. I won my weight and age class both times, but honestly, that’s because nobody else as old and fat as me showed up. So now, even though I have a weird muscle disorder called Periodic Paralysis, I can honestly say I’m a powerlifting champion. It’s not my fault all the bigger, stronger, healthier gym rats were too chicken to compete.

11. What kind of music speaks to you?

12. Do you outline your stories or do they just take you along for the ride?
First you dream it up, then you write it down. That’s how I work. When I sit down to write, I want to get something done. I really like the feeling of accomplishment I get from writing one scene at a time. Kiki, in chains, gets interrogated by the Unseelie Queen. Boom. Done. Love it.

13. Celebrity crush.
My celebrity crush is '80s German figure skater Katarina Witt. She’s smart, sexy, strong and almost as good looking as my wife, Karen.

14. Who are the biggest influences on your work?
15. Do you still watch cartoons?

Rodney Robbins by the Numbers--50 year-old graduate student at Seton Hill University. Author of 2 stage plays: 1 musical comedy called "Big Feet, Big Love," and 1 dramatic comedy titled "House of Many Rooms." Currently working on his 1st "Nurse Brandt" paranormal mystery for middle school readers. Robbins crashed his first motorcycle at age 20. Currently rides a 650 maxi-scooter. Plans to buy an 1800cc Honda Goldwing, "--but not until they bring it out with an automatic transmission." Married for 30 years to a teacher who looks like a super-model. Rodney Robbins lives with 3 chronic illnesses (Classic Migraines with Auras, Celiac Disease and Periodic Paralysis), but he doesn’t let them stop him from living the good life in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Read about Rodney's novels here: www.RodneyRobbins.com and read about his plays here: www.MyNewPlay.com.


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