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INSTRUCTOR: Catherine E. McLean is a longtime Pennwriters member who has given more than 30 workshops and had two dozen articles published on the devices and techniques of writing fiction. She will be giving a workshop at the May 2011 Pennwriters conference in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more about Catherine E. McLean, go to

DATE: February 1 – March 8, 2011


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Covering more than 5 weeks and 8 class sessions, this has been dubbed “The All-In-One Writer's Course for Creating Stories from Start to Finish.” Make a New Year’s resolution to improve your writing. Having a Project Bible means:

* No more going off on tangents
* No more dead-ending half way through the project
* No more false starts
* No more losing control of the plot
* No more characters taking over the original story
* No more careless mistakes or confusion
* No more dreadful first drafts requiring endless revisions

The Project Bible is a guide and reference resource that enhances creativity, provides essential information for writing short stories and novels, and helps you write more marketable cleaner copy. It’s a godsend because every Project Bible is personalized and customized by you the individual—and how you write and tell a particular story.

FREE BONUS: You will receive 3 FREE writer "Cheat Sheets"!

(NOTE: This course is for those who have a clear understanding of fiction writing terms and who have completed one or more stories ranging from 5,000 to over 100,000 words.)

"Not only did Catherine take time to answer all of my questions, she elaborated on each with examples I easily understood. . . . She knows her stuff!"
- T.W., Houston, TX

“The instruction provided is a great mix of topics that are usually covered individually in expensive "text" books. I'm really pleased with what was covered.”
- J.B., Elizabethville, PA

“My writing, editing, and reading have moved to a new level because of the techniques I learned in Catherine's course.”
- E.W., Sante Fe, NM

"I found the course extremely user-friendly and helpful. I learned a lot of tricks that will make my writing better. Her handouts were easy to understand and very informative."
- R.B., Jericho, NY

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