Event: Confluence 22


Confluence 22

July 23 - 25, 2010

Doubletree Hotel Pittsburgh Airport
8402 University Blvd.
Moon Township, PA

Guest of Honor: Wen Spencer
Featured Filker: Peter S. Beagle

Other Participants: Ken Chiacchia, Lawrence Connolly, Kathryn Cramer, Eric Davin, Susan Dexter, Timons Esaias, David Hartwell, Alan Irvine, Al Katerinsky, Herb Kauderer, Brian Koscienski, Geoffrey Landis, Tim Liebe, Gail Martin, Bill Mayhew, James Morrow, Kathy Morrow, Charles Oberndorf, Tamora Pierce, Chris Pisano, Thomas Seay, Bud Sparhawk, Karina Sumner-Smith, John Alfred Taylor, Diane Turnshek, Mary Turzillo,


  1. Had a great time. Lots of interesting things to see and do. A warm and friendly atmosphere for fans of science fiction, fantasy & horror.

  2. So glad, John!

    Sorry I missed it this year.

    Looking forward to next year.



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