News: Top Ten Reasons to Attend 2010 Pennwriters Conference (#2)


The #2 reason to attend the 2010 Pennwriters Conference: a weekend of networking.

Business cards. Don't leave home without them. Believe it or not, you'll have plenty of opportunities to hand them out at a writers conference. Scribble your "elevator pitch" (now sometimes called a "Twitter pitch" – how's that for new lingo?) on the back of your card and give it to the agent or editor at the end of your pitch session. Hand one to someone you think will make an excellent critique partner. Pass one to the person sitting next to you in a workshop. It's all part of networking. And you never know… somewhere down the line you might need the expertise of someone you met during the conference.

Take stock of your writing goals before you get to the conference. A little networking with a specific outcome in mind can help you get to where you need to be. For example, is your goal for the year to pick up a freelance writing job? Talk to a few of the other Pennwriters who are stringing for newspapers or pitching feature articles to regional magazines. Are you hoping to get a short story published? Sit in on the short story class and introduce yourself to the instructor at the end. He or she may have some advice about the literary magazine you're targeting. In short, know what you want to accomplish at the conference; then take steps to make it happen.

Networking Lunch
Here's an opportunity to put your networking skills to the test. We've set up an all you can eat deli buffet for Friday's optional lunch choice. Seating is by genre. Our intent is to get romance writers talking about heroes and heroines, horror writers discussing their best scare tactics, mystery writers chatting about red herrings…

Saturday Breakfast
The cost of Saturday's breakfast is included in the base conference price, and it will give you another chance to network. Seating here is by area. Pennwriters is divided into seven areas. We're hoping you'll discover a writers group that meets nearby or uncover news about a local coffee house with a great writing atmosphere.

To learn more and register, visit, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or send a blank e-mail to

2010 Pennwriters Conference
May 14 – 16, 2010
Eden Resort, Lancaster, PA
Ayleen Stellhorn, conference coordinator


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