News: Top Ten Reasons to Attend 2010 Pennwriters Conference (#3)


The #3 reason to attend the 2010 Pennwriters Conference: inspiration.

Worried that your opening hook is a sinker? Stumped by a sagging middle? Laid low by a plot twist that just came untangled? Can't seem to find the momentum to get those last several thousand words on the page?

One of the great things about attending a writers conference is the energy that flows from one attendee to another. Listening to a workshop instructor could give you the solution to your pacing problems. Rubbing elbows with an agent or editor might give you the confidence to submit. Taking part in the late night conversations at the bar could give you an idea for your next book. Inspiration abounds.

A Hefty Dose of Inspiration
This year, Liz Scheier's address at the Published Penns luncheon promises to be exceptionally inspirational. Liz was a former editor at Random House and Penguin. She is now the director of publisher relations of ScrollMotion, the company that makes the Iceberg e-reader for the iPhone. During the Published Author Luncheon on Friday, Liz will present a speech entitled "Glass Half Full."

Here's her description: "With the economy in freefall, massive layoffs at traditional publishing houses, doomsday rumors on the blogosphere, and price wars raging, it's easy to get swept up in fears that the publishing sky is falling. Don't believe it! This is a time of great change and innovation, and there are opportunities for writers both new and long-published that didn't exist even five years ago. Sweeping changes in the way books are conceived, written, published, marketed, and delivered to their audiences give writers new ways to tell their stories—and readers new ways to find them. I'll talk about all the reasons why this is an a opportune time to finally finish a novel, tackle a series, re-launch a stalled career, or start over."

Not a Published Penn?
You can attain Published Author Status by being published in book-length fiction or nonfiction, magazine or newspaper articles, short stories, poetry, or business writing. Certain restrictions apply. Log in as a member at, then click Published Criteria on the left.

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2010 Pennwriters Conference
May 14 – 16, 2010
Eden Resort, Lancaster, PA
Ayleen Stellhorn, conference coordinator


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