CELEBRATION: Seton Hill WPF Graduates for January 2009


Congratulations to the following Seton Hill University students as they graduate today with their Master's in Writing Popular Fiction and become part of the WPF Alumni:

Mary Ann Aug (Mystery/Romantic Mystery)
Patrick Cobbs (Young Adult)
Rebekah Cramer (Young Adult)
Matthew Donahue (Science Fiction)
Gale Holt (Young Adult)
Susan Isola (Women’s Fiction)
Sherry Peters (Fantasy)
Daphne Riordan (Urban Fantasy)
Krista Russell (YA/Historical)
Stephanie Splater (Women’s Fiction)
Alexander Spoerer (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Jennifer Stuttle (Chick Lit)
Betsy Whitt (Fantasy)
Tracy Wilson-Burns (Romance)


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