Seton Hill Writers Book News

#1: Veins, the debut illustrated novel by Lawrence C. Connolly, is now available from Fantasist Enterprises. You can see and read more about it at the official Veins site.

#2: The Song of Kwasin, a novel by Philip Jose Farmer and Seton Hill alum Christopher Paul Carey, was announced at Farmercon 90. The novel is a direct sequel to Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar.

#3: Susan Mallery's latest novel Sweet Talk is on shelves now.

#4: Kimberley A. Opatka-Metzgar, Director of Public Relations for Saint Vincent Archabbey and Seminary and Seton Hill alum designed The Illustrated History of the Schickel Motorcycle written by Ken Anderson.

#5: Nica Berry has a new e-book out from Torquere Press titled Hart and Soul.

#6: Simply Romance Reviews gave Katherine Ivy's novel Dishonorable Intentions an A+. You can read the entire review here.

#7: Timons Esaias has only a few copies left of his poetry chapbook The Influence of Pigeons on Architecture, now in its second printing.

#8: Dana Marton has an unedited draft of one of her novels up for free on her site. She is asking for email addresses (privately) just to see how many people are reading the book. If enough people take advantage of it, she'll post more free books.

#9: Michael A. Arnzen's limited edition novelette Bitchfight is available now from Bad Moon Books.

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