Death of a Bawdy Belle_M E KempDeath of a Bawdy Belle by M. E. Kemp

Persistence and the willingness to try something new paid off for me. I tried the traditional and slooow method of sending my first book out to editors and agents. This brought encouragement but no offers, even though I had a well earned nonfiction bio. When I heard about publish on demand I embraced the idea. My first book, Murder, Mather and Mayhem, was a "pod" book -- I made sure the product looked good, and I paid to have the cover art done -- and I really believe that having that book in my hand at a mystery conference brought me to the attention of a small but aggressive publisher. Hilliard and Harris asked to see my next book; they took Death of a Dutch Uncle and will put out my new book, Death of a Bawdy Belle:

There's an extra witch hanging on the Salem gallows and two nosy Puritans must find out who the mysterious beauty is and who strung her up! Hetty Henry, wealthy widow with connections, and Increase "Creasy" Cotton, young Boston minister, find themselves in deep water as they come closer to the killer. The victim's young daughter and her friend the Ferret literally pull Hetty out of the deep, and out of the mouths of babes comes justice.

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-M. E. Kemp
April 2008

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