Seton Hill Writers Updates

#1: K. Ceres Wright's poem Doomed was nominated for the 2008 Science Fiction Poetry Association's Rhysling Award. Ceres also did a voiceover for the SF animated short Star Freighter: Dangerous Cargo.

#2: Timons Esaias is the special guest this Monday in the PennWriters Presents series.

#3: Glenn Garrabrant is modeling clothes for Five Tone Rock 'n Roll Boutique.

#4: Landry Gaines has a new website.

#5: Registration is now open for the 7th Annual In Your Write Mind Writing Popular Fiction Retreat. The conference is open to the public. Guests of honor this June are Ginjer Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief at Penguin Group, and best-selling author J. A. Konrath. Hope to see some of you there this summer!

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