FairyBrewHaHa_Ken RandFairy BrewHaHa by Ken Rand

Fairy BrewHaHa originally appeared in 2005 from Five Star. It tanked, and I asked Yard Dog to reprint it. They said okay.

Fairy BrewHaHa at the Lucky Nickel Saloon ain’t a novel, really—it’s a whopper. See, in the Old West, as Mark Twain told, a good storyteller got favored treatment around a campfire, on the trail, or in a saloon. Read this book (and my other Lucky Nickel novel Dadgum Martians Invade the Lucky Nickel Saloon! and my short story collection Tales of the Lucky Nickel Saloon, all from Yard Dog Press) with tongue planted firmly in cheek. It’s supposed to be funny, so if you’re in a place where folks will look cross-eyed at you if you grin too much, go somewheres else so you can guffaw if you’ve a mind to.

Fairy BrewHaHa at the Lucky Nickel Saloon is about these fairies who invade the saloon intend on getting drunk afore they rob the circus, in town for a show, of payroll gold. They dote on a legendary concoction called Fairy BrewHaHa, but when they find the barkeep don’t know how to brew it up, they go hog wild and tear up the joint. The regulars are in trouble for certain sure as they try to save their favorite waterhole.

-Ken Rand
March 2008

Also upcoming in 2008 from Ken Rand:

-- Where Angels Fear, Fairwood Press, March

-- Pax Dakota, Five Star, May

-- Port Chicago Isn’t There Anymore—But We Still Call It Home, Media Man! Productions, July

-- The Gods Perspire, Fairwood Press, fall

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