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You can also read HEIDI'S PICK SIX with Penny Dawn.

I'd been querying unsuccessfully for five or six years by the time I opted to obtain a Masters Degree in writing. At Seton Hill University, I learned that knowing how to write a good story doesn't mean much, if there is no market for what you're writing. It was during my time at SHU that I not only began to write for the market, but met invaluable resources who helped me to do so.(Leslie Davis Guccione is brilliant with romance markets.) I partnered with Alayne Adams (a.k.a. Jacki King,) who had won an erotica contest and was publishing eBooks. She sent her editor to my website, and within a few months, Amber Quill Press offered me a contract for my master's thesis, Measuring Up.

From there, I shopped Rolling In Clover, and subsequently received a contract for it, all the while writing novellas and shorts for Amber Heat, the erotic imprint of Amber Quill Press. Soon after, a contract for Ancient History followed, and when all was said and done, I published three novels and half a dozen novellas in my first 12 months as a professional writer.

Now, I'm working with another SHU alumnus and mentor, Patrick W. Picciarelli, on a criminal suspense piece with erotic elements. It's sure to stun!

My path to publication involved persistence, a bit of luck, and who-you-know, but ultimately it was preparedness. I had an active website, as well as several manuscripts awaiting an editor's touch.

Three years ago, identical twins Miles and Brighton McClintock battled over a woman, and neither won the war. Now, each man has made a separate life for himself—Miles in Chicago, and Brighton just north of St. Louis—and they're about to reunite. The Long Run is a trilogy of erotic tales. You can read a review of one part of the trilogy Go for Miles.

2008 should bring another tale (or two!) of the Carman Chronicles series which starts off with Satin Slippers and follows up with Gilded Mirror, and maybe even the paperback compilation of all four. Additionally, an emotional, erotic novella, currently entitled Notes for Liberty is on its way. This novella is the sequel to Salute, Sound Off and Wake-up Call. The four tales will be compiled for a paperback edition, entitled Reveille.

If you want to learn more about me and my works, please visit or

Penny Dawn
February 2008

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