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#1: Venus on the Half Shell, the Philip Jose Farmer anthology edited by Seton Hill alum Christopher Paul Carey received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. The publisher Subterranean Press expects the book to sell out "by or shortly after publication." You can reserve a copy here.

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#2: A special serial story for the holidays is in swing at Home by Christmas. This European historical tale is being told by twelve authors, including Seton Hill alum Laurie Alice Eakes.

#3: Seton Hill alum Mary SanGiovanni's debut novel The Hollower received a good review at Dread Central.

#4: Several Seton Hill writers will be teaching workshops at the Pennwriters 21st Annual Conference, including Timons Esaias, Maria V. Snyder, and Victoria Thompson. The conference is being held at Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster, PA, from May 16 - 18, 2008. Keynote speaker will be Joyce Carol Oates.

#5: Proverbs for Monsters, the lastest collection by Seton Hill mentor Michael Arnzen, is available now.

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