PUBLICATION: Sails and Sorcery Promo Wrap Up


It has been an awesome month for me because I got to know my fellow Sails and Sorcery authors so well. I'll be meeting a bunch of them in person at Context and World Fantasy. Hope to some of you there, too.

I did earlier interviews with contributor Elaine Cunningham (READ HER PICK SIX HERE) and editor W. H. Horner (READ HIS PICK SIX HERE).

And, don't forget that some story excerpts are available on the Fantasist Enterprises site. Just click on TABLE OF CONTENTS. The blue story titles are linked to excerpts. But to read my story "The Islands of Hope", you'll have to get your hands on a book. ;)

Until then, you can read about my inspirations for the story on Maria V. Snyder's blog.


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