Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On the Web Update

#1: Independent Book Report just started up, but is already producing some great content. MONDAYS showcase the publisher of the week; TUESDAYS TEASERS have excerpts from the author being interviewed that week; WEDNESDAYS are author interview days.

#2: Shara Saunsaucie is conducting research for a story and is asking for information on the standard of living and job market where people live and on any experiences moving from one place to another.

#3: Monica Spence has a new MySpace and is looking for friends.

#4: K. Ceres Wright's poem "Doomed" was an editor's choice this month at Star*Line. Ceres also has added some new interviews to her blog series about professions, including Fandom Representative, Network/Computer Specialist, Automotive Repair and Service Expert, and Russ Howe as the European Medieval Martial Arts Scholar.

#5: Penny Dawn's latest ebook is out. You can get Frenchin' at Amber Quill Press.

#6: Michael Arnzen is guestblogging this week at A Bunch of Wordz.

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