The Write Way November Workshop

The NOVEMBER workshop at The Write Way will be:
AG's Art of Action

Instructor Bio:
AG Devitt has had numerous short stories published in such places as Pulp Stories Quarterly. Devitt was also the writer/creator of the independent comics Monk, Mortal Coyle, Doug & Punk's Pulp Adventures, and The Custodian. His latest, Assassin's Playground, will be published in the fantasy anthology Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy, coming in 2006. In addition to his writing, Devitt has sang in a punk rock band, managed an independent music store, studied martial arts since the age of 8, and consistently denies rumors that have linked him to the Justice League of America. He holds three degrees and teaches creative writing at the college level.

Course Description:
AG Devitt has been involved in martial arts since he was eight years old, and in this four week course he will cover everything from the history of martial arts to how to generate conflict through realistic fighting scenes.

$20.00 Course Fee
To register, send payment via paypal to (info@ thewriteway. org – without the spaces). When your payment is received, or one week before class begins (whichever is later), you’ll receive an invitation to join our yahoo group.

Course Schedule:
November 3, 2006 - November 24, 2006
Week 1: History of Martial Arts
Week 2: Action and Conflict
Week 3: Action in Action (writing exercise)
Week 4: AG Reviews Writing Sample

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