OF INTEREST: Greening It Up Again


It's another day of dueling environmental posts with Christopher Paul Carey. You can check out his thoughts on global warming. He has graphics and everything!

Also, here's 15 little ways you can help save the planet - taken from the September 2006 issue of Glamour. How many do you do already? I do 12 out of 15! They're marked with an X.

X#1 Unplug all appliances not in use. They're energy vampires that still pull electricity even though they're not in use.

#2 Click to plant a tree. At americanforeststore.org you can donate a dollar and have someone else plant a tree for you.

X#3 Minimize frozen food consumption. It takes 10 times more energy to package and ship frozen food as opposed to fresh food.

X#4 Do your errands at one time. Less trips in the car means less CO2 in the air.

X#5 Put more air in your tires. It can boost gas mileage by 3%.

X#6 Donate instead of dumping. Give away unwanted clothing, furniture, etc. to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or just to friends.

X#7 Turn down the thermostat 2 degrees. And raise it 3 degrees in the summer to prevent nearly 700 pounds of CO2 going into the air every year.

X#8 Switch to fluorescent bulbs. A 20-watt compact fluorescent bulb gives off the same amount of light as a 75-watt regular bulb, but uses 1/3 of the energy. Plus they last for years.

X#9 Shut off the lights. When you leave a room, just flick the switch.

X#10 Use a canvas shopping bag. No more worries about paper or plastic.

X#11 Do a cold-water laundry. It cleans clothes as well as warm water, plus saves energy. (And stops shrinkage!)

X#12 Hang clothes to dry. Especially in the summer and for smaller loads.

#13 Get a thermal coffee mug. Use it at the local coffee house instead of their paper cups and burn shields.

#14 Go for "green power." Ask if your local utility offers solar or wind-produced energy.

X#15 Recycle!


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