Party: Book Party for Maria V. Snyder


We made it out east to Maytown, PA, for the Poison Study party yesterday, and it was so worth it.

Maria rented this neat little place called The Barn that had a great room with a fireplace (not burning of course as it was 91), a kitchenette, and a sitting area. Upstairs was the kids' area and apparently several stuffed bears. I never made it up there myself, but Jason was impressed. Outside there was a sitting area around a water garden and some beautiful landscaping.

We met many of her friends, family, (Her kids are adorable!) and writers from her group. One writer in particular we talked to most of the time, Steven Klotz. He and J discussed being mainstream and slipstreaming between genres. I talked about my sucky short stories.

I was impressed with the reviews she's received so far. She had them posted for us to read. (Great idea! I'm going to use that one later.) And, I have a copy of the book already. :) I'm going to write a review for Amazon and Barnes 'n Noble. (If anyone else is so inclined, it would help her out. I'm sure she'll reciprocate later.)

It made me excited about the book party we'll be having for our guidebook this spring. We're going to rent a pavilion at Kentuck Campground in Ohiopyle State Park and invite about 100 people. I LOOOVE to plan social events like this. I get it from my mum.

But, back to Maria. :) She looked great and was having a blast signing books and posing for pictures. It was inspiring. So much so that J and I talked story ideas and read critique partner submissions the whole drive home (almost 4 hours).

Now, I have to ask, CPC, are you going to have a book party for Myths of the Modern Age
? Even if you don't, I'll still give you a good review on Amazon. ;)


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