Monday, April 13, 2015

BOOK: Married to the Wind (Wisewoman's Daughter Part 1) by Samantha Holloway



Everything she thought she knew was wrong.

Annissa of Yorra knew she was the Wisewoman's daughter. She knew she was to be married in just a few short months. She knew her tiny village near the Wall was unimportant. She knew her country was safe, the sacred homeland of the First Lady's Chosen People.

And she knew her life would be unremarkable, though such quiet left her restless.

She didn't know destiny had so much more in store for her.

When she rescues a boy who falls from the sky the same moment an impossible evil returns from Over the Wall, everything changes. Soon, she must make a choice--safety, or the truth?

Samantha Holloway is unfit for anything but writing expansive fantasy and the occasional science fiction story, so she does it full time. She's the author of the new epic fantasy novel Married to the Wind, and has published dozens of book reviews, TV reviews and a few short stories. In between writing and thinking about writing, she lives in North Carolina with a cat aptly-named Ninja, wears too much jewelry, runs a home made nail polish company for a lark, and subsists mostly on tea. Find her at Herding the Dragon.

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