Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seton Hill Writers on the Web

#1: Steven Piziks/Steven Harper (read Steven's PICK SIX here) guest blogs today at Anne Harris' Friskbiskit. (Read Anne's PICK SIX here.)

#2: Renae Johnson's story "Heavenly Bodies" was chosen for the Loose Id's March Madness Sweet Sixteen. Voting beings some time today.

#3: Penny Dawn (read Penny's PATH TO PUBLICATION here) is guest blogging at Amber Quill Press.

#4: Maria V. Snyder (read Maria's PATH TO PUBLICATION here) shares her recent listing on the New Times Bestseller List with K.J. Howe (read K. J.'s PICK SIX here) at Romance Bandits.

#5: Shelley Adina has a new site for her Spencer Academy series.

#6: Seton Hill alum Laurie Alice Eakes is making a guest appearance and having a book giveaway at Mary Lu Tyndall's blog The Cross and Cutlass.

#7: Tobias S. Buckell (read Toby's PICK SIX here) and Maria V. Snyder are part of 23 published writers blogging about the dreaded synopsis.

Here are links to the other 21 blogs:
Patricia Bray
Chaz Brenchley
Mike Brotherton
S.C. Butler
Barbara Campbell
David B. Coe
Jennifer Dunne
S.L. Farrell
Diana Francis
Gregory Frost
Felix Gilman
Jim C. Hines (Read Jim's PATH TO PUBLICATION here.)
Jackie Kessler
Mindy Klasky
Misty Masse
C.E. Murphy
Naomi Novik
Joshua Palmatier (Read Joshua's PICK SIX.)
Jennifer Stevenson
Michelle West
Sean Williams (Read Sean's PICK SIX.)

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